The last prophet ever on earth according to Islam. He was the reaveler of Quran. He is second in command after Allah.

Life Before becoming a Prophet:Edit

His name was Muhammad. He was in the care of Bibi Haleema after he was born because he had lost his actual biological mother.His nature was always different from other children. He was quite and peaceful. Never disrespected anyone. He was in total a great person to look up to even before he became a prophet. He was married to Hazrat khadija.

Life as a Prophet:Edit

He was in his youth when he first came to know that he is a prophet. Prophet Muhammad was very scared when he first came to know but then he and his wife khadija started to convery this message of allah and all this lead to what now is Islam. He was married 11 times.

His life is a guidline to many Muslims and could also be an idol to many non-muslims.

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