Pakistan flag

The green portion in this flag is for the majority of Muslims and the white proportion shows the minority of Non-Muslims

Pakistan or Islamic republic of Pakistan is an Asian country with the population of 180 million people.


Pakistan came into being in 1947 on 14 Aug, after a long time of hard work. Quid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan gathered almost every Muslim to participate in his revolution for a separate land where they could live peacefully and he was finally successful. But for the sake of moving to a new homeland many people had to sacrifice their wealth and lands along with many other things, in the migration form India to Pakistan. Originally Bangladesh was also a part of Pakistan but as it was on the other side, it rebelled and broke away to become a new country. Pakistan was made for religion equality but know that meaning has diminished in the country.

Developement of Pakistan

Some major people that helped in the development of Pakistan were:

1) Quid-e-Azam (Founder of Pakistan.)

2) Allama Iqbal (A poet who helped with his effective poetry to motivate people in uniting for the development of Pak.)

3) Fatimah ali Jinnah (The most women personality in it's development and in motivating womens for this cause.)

4) Liaqat ali khan (The first prime minister of Pakistan.)

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