Li Xiannian (June 23, 1909 - June 21, 1992) was the 3rd President of the Peoples Republic of China from 1983 - 1988 and later was Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference until his death in 1992.

Early careerEdit

Li joined the Communist Party of China in 1927, and served as an army captain and political commissar for the Chinese Red Army during the Long March.

Maoist politicianEdit

After the Communists' victory in China, Li was appointed Party Secretary of Hubei Province in China from 1949–1954, and he served as the commander and political commissar of the Hubei Province's military garrison. In 1950, Li was elected the first Chairman of the Hubei People's Government. While he was working in Hubei, Li was appointed Party Secretary of Wuhan and Vice-Chairman of the PRC's Military Commission for South-Central China.  In 1954, Li was appointed China's Minister of Finance. He held this position for 13 years, until the Cultural Revolution. Li was also appointed  Vice Premier for the entire period of 1954–1980. In 1967, he fell out of favour during the Cultural Revolution.

Li Xiannan
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