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The cultures of Asia represent the human civilization in Asia. It features different kinds of cultural heritage of many nationalitiessocieties, and ethnic groups in the region, traditionally called a continent from a Western-centric perspective, Asia. The region or "continent" is more commonly divided into more natural geographic and cultural subregions, including Central AsiaEast AsiaNorth Asia,South AsiaSoutheast Asia and West Asia. Geographically, Asia is not a distinct continent; culturally, there has been little unity or common history for many of the cultures and peoples of Asia.

Asian artmusic, and cuisine, as well as literature, are important parts of Asian culture. Eastern philosophy and religion also plays a major role, with HinduismTaoismConfucianismBuddhism,Judaism and Islam all playing major roles. One of the most complex parts of Asian culture is the relationship between traditional cultures and the Western world.

Asian cultures are also to be known as some most colourful and enjoyable activities carried throughout the world. These cultures represent their religion in way too. For example, the dress Muslims wear is also a part of them being devoted to their religion. The way Hindus sing their holy rhymes is a part of their culture and their religion too.


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