Aaqib Wiki

Trolling or "No hunter" is when a web explorer trolls someone down threw Wikia.

What are trollers

Trollers, or "Web Bozo", is someone who travels threw Wikia finding a group of people or a particular person. Trollers, mostly, are people who vandalize a wiki they find. Aaqib Wiki can easily grow a furious team that can cause havoc and chaos in Aaqib Wiki and Wikia. Trollers simply can go threw the web, find their treasure, and start causing chaos. 

Administrators are kings compared to trollers

Administrators can block a troller if he is suspicious or causing chaos. Trollers can be best known for there "keen smell". Administrators can block them, but sometimes, when it comes to community trouble, the administrators needs to have proof and any of there actions should not violate the rules here. If you find a troller, contact an administrator or if your an admin. Block it.

You are in a costume?

Sometimes, trollers can be positive in Aaqib Wiki. Many people (in many incidents) plan their spammings and attacking on Aaqib Wiki. On other websites, they might misbehave and do the same thing here. So, you know, trollers can be good.