In the Aaqib Wiki, they are certain rules to how to create a page. All must be followed or a block.

Writing style

  • Headers are suppose to be ==Header== when using "Source".
  • Using [[Islam|Islam]] is useless, for less work, just use [[Islam]].
  • It should not be used with colored words.


  • Saying: "Allah is the almighty god" should not be used since it will make people angry. Instead, use Allah is the god of Islam.
  • Names should be capitalized
  • Periods should be used
  • It should not be from a person's point of view.


  • It is better if they are no stubs in any religion articles.
  • There should be at least two images in the article
  • Names should be capitalized
  • It should be written with care from the author


  • All of its stories must be related to the country.
  • More than around 200 red links can mean a deletion
  • Articles should be planned out


  • Should have no more than five pictures.
  • Names should be capitalized
  • No usernames
  • No advertisements
  • Any cartoons should be related to the country

Countries/Wikipedia Copied Article

  • Should be placed with Template:Wikipedia
  • No Wikipedian templates, but if they are existing templates that had been copied from Wikipedia, it can be used
  • If a word is so long, you may simplify it
  • No simplification is needed
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