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Blocks and bans have one two alikes, they both prevent people editing for a period of time. But they are huge differences in blocks and bans.


A block is a software which prevents a person from editing for a period time for a good reason. A block has a period of time. A block prevents someone edit basically, but a block has properties:

  • For Vandalism can mean around 1 - 5 days (block)
  • For Inapproppriate pages can go for 10 - 20 days (block)
  • For moving pages to nonsense names can go for a period of 8 - 10 days (block)
  • Acting rude can mean a severe 2 - 6 months (block; depends on how rude the user is)
  • Cursing can mean 5 hours - 10 days (block)
  • Spamming can mean 3 weeks - 2 months (block)
  • Sockpuppetry can mean 1 year - permanent (block, especially if the account was used for vandalism)
  • Abusing admin powers can mean demotion & a 1 month - 6 months (block)
  • Harrassing an admin can be a 3 month - 8 months (block). (Each offense will be 3 months.) 
  • Recreating a page that has been deleted for a good reason can mean 6 - 12 days
  • Misbehaving can mean a 24 hour - indefinite (block)


A ban is really different from a block. A ban is a forever block on the user for:

  • Disruptive behavior
  • Being rude multiple times
  • Annoying
  • Meaning to Vandalize the wiki
  • Creating more work for the editors
  • Abusing multiple accounts, creating accounts for the sole purpose of dodging a block
  • Constantly misbehaving

A ban should never be used for someone who is creating more work for the editors, but not intentionally doing this. Some evidence can show that the user is not meaning to create work.